Use these proven strategies to recruit women to science and technology classes and careers.

Discover solutions for retaining women in technology and science classes and careers.

A technology curriculum that appeals to female interests improves retention of women and girls. Also see Learning Style for more articles that could be used to develop an effective and female-friendly curriculum.

Technology bridge courses improve retention of women and minorities by boosting technical building-block skills.

Informal technology training outside of the classroom can lead to higher baseline skills within the classroom.

When instructors and technology courses account for different male and female learning styles the retention rates of women improve. Also see Curriculum for more articles on the type of learning that appeals to women and girls.

Important studies and an overview on women and technology.

Improving women's problem-solving skills can lead to greater comprehension and success in the technology classroom.

Enhancing spatial reasoning increases retention of women (and men) in the science and technology classroom.

Student support networks, mentoring and faculty support add up to retention of women in technology and science.

Educational games that can both build technology skills and appeal to female interests will result in women and girls being more prepared for the technology classroom.

Learn about strategies to assist women in succeeding with math, an important skill area for science and technology.

Use these proven strategies to recruit and retain women to STEM careers and companies.

Use collaborative learning in the lab to improve retention of female students in STEM courses.