Resources and Articles

The Police Chief Magazine: Recruiting Women
Covers recruitment strategies to increase the number of women in law enforcement.

The Police Chief Magazine: Strategies that Work
Reviews the Albuquerque Police Department's successful participation in the "New Workplace for Women Project."

Recruiting Women Officers -- Fact Sheet
Practical strategies based on successes achieved by the Albuquerque and Tucson Police Departments.

Sam Browne: A Look at Duty Belts
Duty belts create ergonomic and fit challenges for some officers, with special concerns for women.

New Workplace for Women Project
Provided technical assistance to two police departments on the integration of women in traditionally male-dominated careers.





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As Chief of the Albuquerque, New Mexico Police Department I had the opportunity to work closely with Donna Milgram and IWITTS. Their tools helped our Department accurately assess the current work environment and make changes that greatly improved our ability to recruit, retain and promote women officers considerably in a short time.

~ Chief Joseph Polisar
Former President, International Association of Chiefs of Police