Incorporate IWITTS WomenTech Educators Training and Support  

Bring the WomenTech Educators Training to your location to increase the number of female students in your STEM classes and improve retention of female AND male students.


IWITTS can provide training and support as part of your grant, to help you increase the number of female students in your targeted STEM programs.

IWITTS has been highlighted by NSF for demonstrating significant achievement and program effectiveness for increasing the number of Women in STEM. We have a history of working successfully with ATE Centers and Projects.

All proposals submitted to the National Science Foundation are evaluated through use of two merit review criteria:

1) What is the Intellectual Merit of the proposed activity? and,

2) What are the Broader Impacts of the proposed activity?

Proposal project descriptions include a separate section within the narrative that discusses the Broader Impacts — the potential of the proposed activity to benefit society and contribute to the achievement of specific, desired societal outcomes. A strong example of a Broader Impact is implementing strategies to increase the number of women in STEM.

Contact us today: Due to time required for proposal plan development, inquiries received after August 30 for 2013 may not be considered feasible.

Include Our Proven System for Increasing the Number of Female Students in STEM in Your Proposal


Strengthen your Broader Impacts section with a detailed plan to increase the number of women in your STEM classrooms with the strategies provided through the National Science Foundation-funded Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science (IWITTS).

Based on proven practices, IWITTS provides expertise such as strategies for recruitment and retention of females in STEM. IWITTS WomenTech Educators Training and follow up implementation support is culled from our 4 NSF projects and over 18 years of success in assisting ATE Centers, Projects, and educational institutions around the country. Our work has been highlighted by the NSF for demonstrating significant achievement and program effectiveness.


How IWITTS Can Strengthen the Broader Impacts of Your Proposal

When you subcontract with IWITTS in your NSF proposal, we can provide our WomenTech Educators Training along with follow up, long-term support for educators in your targeted STEM career pathways.

Training Participants Will Take Away:
  1. An easy-to-implement recruitment plan to greatly increase the number of women and girls in your STEM classrooms.
  2. A retention plan for your programs to increase the completion rate of your female (and male students), starting this semester.
  3. The knowledge and confidence they need to put these plans into action, right away.

Training Formats:

Onsite Training at Your Location: Bring the WomenTech Educators Training to your location to increase the number of female students in your STEM classes and improve retention of female AND male students.

Dedicated Online Training: IWITTS can hold an online training just for your community, whether that's a state, region, school or department, to help you increase the number of female students in your STEM programs. With a dedicated online training, you can reach a large number of educators without incurring any travel costs, and accommodate everyone's busy schedule.


Supplemental Training Options:

When you subcontract with IWITTS in your NSF proposal, we can provide our WomenTech Educators Training along with follow up, long-term support for educators in your targeted STEM career pathways.

> After the Training: Long-Term Support for Implementation

With this ongoing support, you’ll receive help to implement the recruitment and retention plans that you develop in the training. Every month for 6-12 months you’ll have direct access to your trainer on live group Support and Strategy calls and unlimited email support to get feedback on your recruitment and retention plans and answers to your specific questions about implementation. Audio downloads of Support and Strategy calls will be emailed to participants the next day. In this way, all of your instructors, adjuncts and other educators can listen at any time, even if they cannot make the live call.

PatrickEnrightCropped“The Support and Strategy sessions really keep you on task. It’s too easy for this to be just one project among dozens, and the calls give you just-in-time reminders. It’s very helpful when you’re in the middle of implementing your plan to be reminded of something from the training you might want to go back and look at, or to receive new information from Donna that you need just at that moment."

~ Patrick J. Enright, County College of Morris, Dean for Business, Mathematics, Engineering and Technologies, Randolph, NJ

> Group Facilitation and Plan Development

Your WomenTech Educators trainer can work to facilitate a written recruitment and retention plan on Women in STEM for your ATE Center or Project complete with strategies, timeline and responsible parties.

> Executive Coaching for Deans and Other Administrators

Deans and administrators receive personal coaching from IWITTS Executive Director Donna Milgram so that they can be the catalyst for change in their ATE Center or Project. Executive Coaching is most powerful when combined with Long-Term Support for Implementation.

What Educators Are Saying About the Training:


“Participating in the IWITTS training refined my skills as an instructor and administrator to be an agent of change in this realm. Because Computer Networking and Information Technology was not on the radar of many women, the tools that were given to us by IWITTS for reaching out to students for our entry level class were very effective. And those changes have been institutionalized in my department. Thanks to our work with IWITTS, female enrollment in my department has risen from 19% to 33%."

~ Pierre Thiry, Principal Investigator, Mid-Pacific ICT Regional Center, San Francisco, CA


"The online training was time well spent. It was such a minimal amount of time to get so many concrete implementable strategies. The WomenTech Educators Online Training gives you the most for your money—you can implement the tools immediately with minimal resources and see true quantitative results!"

~ Phyllis Baca, Director STEM Initiatives, Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM 


"We have the first three women in our Auto Technology Program and really want to make sure they succeed. After participating in the WomenTech Educators Online Training, we created additional open lab time for them, realizing they may need extra time to develop hands-on skills in a nonthreatening atmosphere. Two months into the course they are still with us. I learned so much about retention from the online training, I decided our entire Engineering and Technology Department could benefit and we are bringing the online training to our school and rolling it out to all of the technical faculty over the next two years."

~ Van Madray, Dean, Construction and Industrial Technology Division, Pitt Community College, Winterville, NC


“Completely made me re-evaluate the approach that we have been taking. I realized the many mistakes and plan to make changes that I learned from the training. Great information!”

~ Hector Yanez, Department Chair/CADD Manager of Computer Drafting and Design Technology, Texas State Technical College Harlingen, TX


"I didn’t realize initially that our programs may not have been welcoming for female students. Now, an important benefit that we’ve gotten from working with IWITTS is to have increased the number of female educators in the division. We’re working together to recruit more female students, and to give them better support. We want to achieve a critical mass of female students in the classroom, so these numbers can become self-perpetuating."

~ Virgil Cox, Dean of Engineering & Industrial Technology, Gaston College, Dallas, NC


"The WomenTech Educators Online Training has the potential to change the way you view your program. Important data is presented with passion and humor. I want you to know I have gained a great deal from the course. By the time you have a graduate degree and have worked in education for decades, most "professional development" is repetitive. I can honestly say that you have given me much to think about and that it will result in changes to my approach to course development."

~ Lauran Sattler, Department Chair, Computer Information Systems, Ivy Tech Community College, President's Award for Instructional Excellence 2007, Warsaw, IN


Clients: National Science Foundation ATE Projects/Centers
  • Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections (BATEC) ATE Center for Computing and IT
  • Center for Advancement of Process Technology (CAPT), College of Mainland Texas, TX
  • Consortium for Alabama Regional Center for Automotive Manufacturing (CARCAM), Gadsden, AL
  • Convergence Technology Center (CTC), Frisco, TX
  • Midwest Center for Information Technology, AIM Institute, Omaha, NE
  • South Carolina Advanced Technology Education Center (SC ATE )Center of Excellence & National Resource Center for Engineering Technology Education, SC
  • Technology and Innovation in Manufacturing and Engineering Center (TIME), Baltimore, MD
  • The University of North Carolina at Charlotte's Engineering Technology Department, NC (ATE Project)