CheME & YOU @ OSU is a six-day, residential camp for ninth-grade girls designed to introduce them to chemical engineering. In post-camp questionnaires 62% of participants said that they agreed with the statement, “I am more interested in chemical engineering as a result of participating in CheME & YOU.” 75% of parents and guardians also reported that their daughters were more interested in engineering after having attended the camp.

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Copyright© American Society for Engineering Education. By viewing this paper, you agree to all the copyright laws protecting it. Friedman, R., LaRue, G., & Artis, S. (2010). Strengthening The Engineering Pipeline One Field And One Woman At A Time: The Role Of Single Discipline, Single Sex Engineering Camps. The U.S. Conference Proceedings of 2010 Annual ASEE Conference & Exposition. American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)