WomenTech EducatorsIWITTS offers educators, administrators, counselors and outreach staff from high schools, community colleges, and four-year institutions a range of professional development opportunities to fit every schedule and budget. Donna Milgram, IWITTS's Executive Director, developed the training to provide you with the proven strategies you need to enroll more women and girls in your science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses and increase completion rates of your female and male students. No matter which training format you choose, you'll learn the full knowledgebase and develop an effective Women in STEM Recruitment and Retention Plan using our proven template. When you take the first step and request professional development, we'll follow up with details about which options will be most effective for your group's needs.


IWITTS's WomenTech Educators Training options include:

Online Training

Online Training ParticipantIWITTS has cracked the code to helping colleges broaden participation as soon as the next semester with the WomenTech Educators Online Training System – developed during our 5 National Science Foundation projects and now available to all colleges through IWITTS's WomenTech Online Training program. IWITTS offers it's online professional development as a live 4-day WomenTech Educators Online Bootcamp. All online trainings include 5+ hours of Coaching and Customized Feedback Calls with your team and your Trainer Donna Milgram (including transcripts and recordings of all calls).


Onsite Training

WTE Training ParticipantsBring the WomenTech Educators Training to your location to increase the number of female students in your STEM classes. When you host a 1-2 day WomenTech Educators Training in your college, university, region, district or state, each participant will take away: 1) a Recruitment Plan to greatly increase the number of women and girls in your STEM classrooms; 2) a Retention Plan for your school to increase the completion rate of your female (and male) students starting this semester; and 3) the knowledge and confidence you need to put these plans into action right away.


Keynotes by Donna Milgram

Donna Milgram TrainingEngage and inspire larger audiences at your conference or event with a presentation by Donna Milgram, an expert on closing the gender gap for women and girls in STEM. Donna shares her 25 plus years of research, insight, and experience through innovative, evidence-based keynote and conference presentations. Each of Donna's speeches is customized to match the theme and audience for your event. Find out more about speaking and presentations by Donna Milgram.


Evidence that IWITTS professional development works:

  • Testimonials – See some of the hundreds of testimonials IWITTS has received over the last two decades from STEM educators, administrators, and counselors at every school level.
  • Case Study – Find out how female retention went from zero to 86% and male retention from 70% to 93% in required introductory programming courses in less than a year after participating in a WomenTech Educators Training.
  • Successful NSF-funded Projects – IWITTS's professional development has been a successful part of 5 National Science Foundation (NSF) projects. Based on proven practices, IWITTS's WomenTech Educators Training includes the "best-of-the-best" of our strategies, culled from 5 NSF projects and over 20 years of success in assisting educational institutions in recruiting and retaining female students in programs around the country. Our work was highlighted by the NSF for demonstrating significant achievement and program effectiveness.