Proven Practices Collection


Our Proven Practices Collection brings educators a research-based blueprint for recruiting and retaining women and girls in the technology classroom. You'll find over a hundred journal articles and proven practice case studies.


Use these proven strategies to recruit women to technology. Click here to start browsing through the articles, papers, podcasts, and webinars on recruitment proven practices.


Learn the reasons why women drop out of technology programs and practical solutions for retaining them in the science classroom.
Retention Topics
Bridge Courses Literature Review
Curriculum Problem Solving
General Retention Spatial Reasoning
Informal Learning Student Support
Lab/Team Work Women and Games
Learning Style Women and Math  


Use these proven strategies to recruit and retain women to STEM careers and companies. Click here to read proven practices from industry.

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See our archive of IWITTS webinars that will help you increase the number of female students in your STEM classrooms.