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Online Training
October 6, 2014

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Based on proven practices, the online curriculum includes the "best-of-the-best" of our strategies, culled from our four National Science Foundation (NSF) projects and over 18 years of success in assisting educational institutions in recruiting and retaining female students in programs around the country. Our work was highlighted by the NSF for demonstrating significant achievement and program effectiveness.

In this video, your trainer Donna Milgram shares a "confession" about a lab strategy that will help your female students:

Watch this short video to learn how to help your female (and male) students be more successful in their STEM courses.

What Educators Are Saying
About the Training


84% Knowledge Increase Online Training Chart
Source: Participants in WomenTech Educators Online Training. External evaluator's report to the National Science Foundation for the CalWomenTech Scale-Up Project, March 2013.

You Will Learn:

Females in STEM: Key Factors for Recruitment

✓ Top three recruitment strategies & how to put them to use
✓ How to adopt a program-wide “female friendly” recruitment approach
✓ How to communicate the benefits of STEM at each stage of the recruitment process
✓ Effective strategies to involve faculty & staff in your recruiting effort

Gender Diversity in STEM: Boosting Enrollment & Implementing New Culture

✓ Barriers to recruiting women into STEM & how to overcome them
✓ How to identify your target audience for recruitment and low-hanging fruit
✓ Success in STEM: See actionable examples of successful STEM programs

Strategies to Keep STEM Students on Course & Improve Graduation Rates

✓ How to make female students feel welcome and what not to do
✓ Ways to bolster confidence in STEM students to ensure success
✓ Strategies to help your female students be successful in the lab
✓ Building block skills to help close the experience gap

Addressing the STEM Challenge: Appeal to Women Who Aren't Excited by STEM

✓ How faculty can teach to female learning styles
✓ How to connect students with female role models & create community
✓ An "ah-ha" moment on spatial reasoning - what you need to know

Build a Leadership Team Model for Women in STEM: Strategies for Success

✓ Ways to partner with faculty, administrators, student services & others
✓ No educator is an island: How to work together & boost STEM retention
✓ Top 3 qualities of an effective Leadership Team & how to employ them

Download a sample letter to gain support (DOC).

You Will Take Away: 

  1. An easy-to-implement recruitment plan to greatly increase the number of women and girls in your STEM classrooms.
  2. A retention plan for your school to increase the completion rate of your female (and male students), starting this semester.
  3. The knowledge and confidence you need to put these plans into action, right away.
Schedule/Time Required:

Time period: 5 weeks for recruitment training (Oct 6-Nov 7), followed by 5 weeks for retention training (Nov 10-Dec 12).
Time required: About 2-3 hours per week. This can include the time to start implementing your team’s plan and seeing results, even while the training is happening!
Training format: Presentations, handouts & exercises online, available to watch and complete at your convenience each week.
Live question and answer training call in Weeks 5 and 10.
Exclusive online community forum to connect with other training participants.
Archives: All calls and sessions recorded and emailed out the next day.

Continuing Education Credit: 

Fresno Pacific University is now offering one unit of continuing education credit to online training participants! Please be sure to select the unit for the training start date of October 6, 2014. The cost of one unit is an additional $70, payable directly to Fresno Pacific University. Register for credit online.



Attend the Online Training in a Team:
  • The more people you can train in your department, region, or state, the more likely you are to see significant increases in female students, as well as lasting institutional change.
  • Get significant value out of your training dollars: You can reach a large number of educators, without incurring any travel costs.
  • Accommodate everyone's busy schedule, from deans and administrators to part-time adjuncts, with this weekly, self-paced training combined with two live Q&A calls that are recorded and archived and an online learning community.
  • Your group can implement what they're learning while the 10-week training is actually happening, and get guidance and direction from your trainer, Donna Milgram, and the other members of the group.
  • You'll have the opportunity to pair up with practice partners in your group to work on your welcoming conversations, your personal encouragement conversations, and on modifying the curriculum with others in your program area.
  • Our training encourages pairing and teamwork that facilitate cross-departmental relationships, providing benefits that go far beyond the training itself.

Who Should Attend:

Male and female administrators, teachers, instructors, professors, counselors and outreach and recruitment staff from high schools, two-year colleges, and four-year colleges and universities. Whether you’re looking to have more women in engineering, women in technology, women in computer science or women in the trades, these strategies will work for you!

Register as a Team and Save:

When you register 10 or more people from the same team, you save $75 per person!


The more educators who are trained, in your school, the more effective you will be!

About Your Trainer: Donna Milgram


Learn directly from Executive Director Donna Milgram, the creator of the WomenTech Educators Training

Donna Milgram is the founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Women in Trades, Technology and Science (IWITTS), a national nonprofit organization, founded in 1994, that provides educators with a roadmap to increasing the number of women and girls in science, technology, engineering and math.

  • Ms. Milgram developed the WomenTech Educators Training to help educators nationwide increase the number of women in their technology programs.
  • A national expert on recruiting and retaining female students in STEM programs in which they are underrepresented, Ms. Milgram has personally trained educators in 44 states and Canada.
  • Ms. Milgram is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and conference presentations including the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and Women in Engineering Proactive Network (WEPAN). Most recently, she received a reader's choice award from the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) for her November 2011 cover article, "How to Recruit Women & Girls to the STEM Classroom" published in the Technology and Engineering Teacher magazine.  The success of the CalWomenTech Project was featured in articles on the NSF "Discoveries" website in April 2012 and the Community College Times in May 2012. 
  • Ms. Milgram has testified before the U.S. Congress and appeared extensively in the news media. Her media appearances include CNN, Fox Morning News, C-Span and National Public Radio. She has been quoted in major news outlets such as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune and the Associated Press.

What Educators Are Saying About the Training:


"The training was time well spent. It was such a minimal amount of time to get so many concrete implementable strategies. The WomenTech Educators Online Training gives you the most for your money—you can implement the tools immediately with minimal resources and see true quantitative results!"

~ Phyllis Baca, Director of STEM Initiatives, Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM


"We have the first three women in our Auto Technology Program and really want to make sure they succeed. After participating in the WomenTech Educator’s online training, we created additional open lab time for them, realizing they may need extra time to develop hands-on skills in a nonthreatening atmosphere. Two months into the course they are still with us. I learned so much about retention from the online training, I decided our entire Engineering and Technology Department could benefit and we are bringing the online training to our school and rolling it out to all of the technical faculty over the next two years."

~ Van Madray, Dean of Construction and Industrial Technology Division, Pitt Community College, Winterville, NC


"Attending the WomenTech Educators training was the best decision I have made in a long time! During the training, I developed a recruitment and retention plan for one of the CIS programs. This is not a training where you consider doing “something” when you get back to your office, you are actually developing and obtaining feedback from other colleagues on what they have done and how you can improve your plan before implementation! Plus, I will be able to take my experience and work on other programs of study using the same framework."

~ Edna Quintana Claus, Ph.D., M.B.A., CIS Division Director, Texas State Technical College Harlingen, Texas


"The WomenTech Educators Online Training has the potential to change the way you view your program. Important data is presented with passion and humor. I want you to know I have gained a great deal from the course. By the time you have a graduate degree and have worked in education for decades, most "professional development" is repetitive. I can honestly say that you have given me much to think about and that it will result in changes to my approach to course development."

~ Lauran Sattler, Department Chair, Computer Information Systems, Ivy Tech Community College, President's Award for Instructional Excellence 2007, Warsaw, IN


"The online training was very manageable because it was asynchronous. I'm always teaching an overload, but you watch the training videos at your leisure, and participate as you're able. Because of that I was able to integrate the training into my very busy schedule."

~ Dr. Cynthia V. Marcello, Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems, SUNY Sullivan, Loch Sheldrake, NY


"I learned a lot of new methods and perspectives on retention I did not have before and I've already started making changes on how I do things here at my school! The WomenTech Educators Online Training was a content-filled and highly informative training program."

~ Antigone Sharris, Full-time Faculty & Program Coordinator, Engineering Technology Program, Triton College, River Grove, IL

See the full list of testimonials

Start Recruiting Right Away With Ready-To-Go Outreach Materials:

These tools will provide you with instant examples of female role models to start inspiring women and girls at your institution right away. When you sign up for the WomenTech Educators Training you will receive deep discounts on these proven solutions!


Women in Technology Outreach Kit
Save 50% when you order with the training!


$150 $75

You'll learn the critical information that prospective female students want to know upfront that will get them interested in your program. There's no need to create a Women in STEM brochure, flyer or PowerPoint presentation on your program from scratch. We created these outreach tools for our award-winning CalWomenTech Project and now you can use our templates to customize these to your program, complete with instructions and examples. Plus you get our role model questionnaire which can be used for print or video interviews.

Unlimited Potential Posters (Set of 6)
Free customization ($30 value) when you order with the training!

$130 $100

Hang this set of six posters around your school's classrooms, counseling offices and hallways to recruit women and girls to STEM programs by promoting successful female STEM role models around your campus. Six career pathways: Women in Engineering Technology, Women in Automotive, Women in Construction, Women in Green Jobs, Women in Manufacturing, Women in Technology. Plus, add your program information and school’s logo to each poster!


See images of all six Unlimited Potential Posters

STEM Resources Bibliography
Save more than 42% when you order with the training!


$35 $20

It's not easy to find ready-made classroom activities that will appeal to female learning style or resources on identifying female role models and associations. This bibliography does the research for you, and the best part is it's a downloadable e-book with clickable hotlinks that bring you directly to the websites where these primarily free resources are housed. Our bibliography has over 100 entries and provides you with information on the school level, program type, and career pathway for each resource.

WomenTech Educators Online Training and FULL Outreach Materials
Save more than $170 when you sign up for the online training with recruitment and retention kit, plus receive the Women in Technology Screensaver as our FREE gift to you!

Online Training PackageThis package includes:

  • WomenTech Educators Online Recruitment and Retention Training
    ($500 value)
  • Women in Technology Outreach Kit (easily customizable) ($150 value)
  • Unlimited Potential posters with FREE customization ($130 value)
  • STEM Resources Bibliography ($35 value)
  • FREE Women in Technology Screensaver ($10 value)



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